Deciding on the right siding contractor in NH is important. One of the first things neighbors, family, and maybe even potential clients notice when seeing your home for the first time is the outside appearance. Now is better than ever to replace or update your home’s current siding. Updating the exterior of your home adds a great deal of value and provides better protection. Upgrades also offer ample opportunity to beautify your home with new color and textures.

Older siding may be damaged or beginning to deteriorate, and you want to catch that ahead of time! As a DIY project, amending smaller issues that you may feel can be resolved by replacing only the damaged areas may seem simple, however you’ll often find that your home will start to look like patchwork, and not very appealing. Not having the appropriate contractor or siding professional in the Ossipee Mountains area can be risky.

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Most popular types of siding

  • Vinyl

    A durable, quick to install material that can be made to look like various textures, including wood, as well as a multitude of colors. This choice is most common due to the accessibility, easy install, and price tag. This is a great cost effective option.

  • Wood

    Made from… wood! Wood siding is a timeless appearance, however you will find yourself maintaining it more than other options with multiple coats of paint and various treatments. Wood is naturally prone to rotting and termites, and preventing these issues takes time and effort. Depending on the wood used, cost can vary greatly for purchase and installation.

  • Oriental Strand Board

    Made from recycled wood compressed, composite siding is a durable option. Where there is still wood involved, the same risks of decomposition and damage are present just like other wood siding. This type of composite option is more durable than wood, and can certainly look just like it!

  • Stone Veneer

    This veneer option is a great alternative to actual stone. This material is inexpensive compared to its real stone counterpart and installed in a smaller amount of time. Maintenance on this is a breeze compared to wood and requires little effort.

  • Fiber Cement

    Made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, this is one type of exterior that virtually indestructible when it comes to issues like insects and fungus that affect other materials. It is more expensive to install compared to other selections, but the low maintenance process is worth it in the long run. Simply clean with a power washer and you are good to go!

The exterior of your home affects your energy consumption. Keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter is no easy task for a homeowner. An investment you can make now is to make the update to your home, allowing you to focus more time and energy on the things that matter most. The weather is always changing and the temperature always seems to be extreme. You will want siding installation in NH performed by the professional team that is dependable and reliable and is ready to tackle your project.

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